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Organic Wheatgrass
Organic Barleygrass
15" x 15" x 3" tray of organically
grown wheatgrass.
15" x 15" x 3" tray of organically
grown barleygrass.
Mr.Wisdom's Rejuvelac Cocktail
     Mr.Wisdom's Rejuvelac Cocktail is made from all organic ingredients
     including fermented sprouted wheat, purified water, lemon juice and
     agave nectar. Rejuvelac is energizing and vitality restoring.
     16oz bottles.
Kangen Water Machine
   Kangen Water Machines are used in hundreds of thousands of homes
   worldwide to transform tap water into pure, healthy alkaline drinking
   water. LeveLuk SD 501 Enagic's Flagship Model the industry-leading
   continuous ionized electrolysis water generator system, the SD501 is
   the finest machine is its class. With the strongest electrolysis chamber
   available, fully-equipped with a built-in electrolysis chamber, and
   featuring a large LCD panel and clear voice prompts, the SD501 is the
   leader of the pack.
Sonne 15 Day Cleanse
Miracle Minerals
Colloidal Silver
   A 15 day intestinal cleanse and
   detox program that flushes away
   unhealthy waste which can gather
   in your intestines. Step by step
   instructions included.
   Colloidal silver supports the
   natural defense system of the
   body, is powerfully alkaline
   and is a natural antibiotic.
   16oz or 32oz bottles.
Goji Berries
Green Kamut

   Goji Berries contain a high
   amount of antioxidants that
   helps the human body slow
   down the aging process.
   Dryed 16oz.
   Green Kamut - Wheatgrass is
   premium, 100% pure, certified
   organic green food powder!
   Provides protein, enzymes,
   alkalinity, trace minerals,
   and chlorophyll all in one
   convenient whole food source.
   90 (1 gm) servings.
Organic Chia
Toucan Maca
   Chia Seeds are one of the most
   powerful superfoods in the
   world! An excellent source of
   fiber, packed with antioxidants,
   full of protein, loaded with
   vitamins and minerals, and the
   richest known plant source of
   omega-3. 16oz.
   Maca Root is loaded with vitamins,
   minerals, trace minerals, good fats,
   and amino acids, making it a very
   nutritious whole food. Its many
   health benefits include increasing
   physical strength, stamina and
   energy. Enhances body balance,
   blood pressure, hormone balance
   and sexual balance. 1 lb.
Raw Cacao
Just Barley

   Organic Raw Cacao is cocoa
   powder in its raw state. Cacao
   has more antioxidant flavonoids
   than any food tested so far,
   including blueberries, red wine,
   and black and green teas.
   1/2 lb. or 1 lb.
   Just Barley is grown in nutrient
   -rich, organic soil, watered with
   mineral springs, and harvested
   at the peak of nutrition. It may
   support healthy immune function,
   increase energy, support natural
   detoxification, support healthy
   digestive function and naturally
   alkalize & oxygenate the body.
   80 (1 gm) servings.
Himalayan Salt
Red Clover
   Dr.Barbara Hendel's Himalayan
   Crystal Salt is a form of salt that
   creates energy within the body.
   It also provides minerals and
   trace elements that make a
   surprisingly positive difference
   in how good a person feels.
   2.2 lbs.
   Organic Red Clover is a valuable
   source of nutrients including calcium,
   chromium, magnesium, niacin,
   phosphorus, potassium, thiamine,
   and vitamin C. Red clover has been
   a traditional herbal treatment for
   cancer due to its ability to stimulate
   the immune system. 1/2 lb. (whole)
Clark's Minerals
   Manual Wheatgrass Juicer
   Clark's Minerals is a
   concentrated natural liquid
   trace mineral supplement.
   It contains more than 70
   different colloidal minerals,
   in major and trace amounts,
   in natural and varying
   combinations. 32 fl oz.
   It beats any other manual wheatgrass
   juicer on the market. It will never
   rust, and it will last you a lifetime.
   Superb extraction, stainless steel,
   easy to clean, mounts on countertop,
   lightweight, juices wheatgrass,
   barleygrass, fruits, vegetables
   and leafy greens.
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