The Miracle of WHEATGRASS

  Wheatgrass is a Plant grown from Wheatberries.
  It's used to help develop and maintain a Natural Healthy
  Balance. After it's grown, it's harvested (cut) and its
  juice extracted through a juicer. Wheatgrass juice is
  very powerful and you only need to begin drinking one
  (1) ounce to enjoy its many benefits. Digestion begins
  in the mouth so Wheatgrass should by sipped slowly.
  To get the optimum benefit of this juice, do not dilute
  with other juice or water.

  Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

   *Reduces high blood pressure and enhances the
   *Builds the immune system and fights infection
     (AIDS, Vaginal Infections, Colds & Flu, Eye Infection,
     and many other infections)
   *Detoxifies the body (removes poisons from the body)
   *Removes impacted waste from the Colon.
   *High in Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Amino Acids, etc.
   *Cleanses the Blood (Blood Purifiers)
   *Removes mucous from the Body.
   *Improves and Stimulates the Digestive System.
   *Wheatgrass is a Complete Food and is Non-Toxic.
   *Wheatgrass is 70% Chlorophyll which is anti-bacterial,
     non-toxic and full of light energy.
   *Wheatgrass helps to purify the liver, colon, kidneys
     and all eliminative organs.
   *Wheatgrass Juice improves the functions of the heart,
     vascular system, intestines, uterus and lungs.